Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 CAN Workshop Manual

The names of ECUs and sensors shown on the Techstream display may differ from those shown in the DTC
Table by ECU section.
ECM ECM (Engine) Installed on all vehicles
Network gateway ECU CAN Gateway1
Vehicles with blind spot monitor system or
intuitive parking assist system
Combination meter assembly Combination Meter Installed on all vehicles
Main body ECU (Multiplex network
body ECU)
Main Body Installed on all vehicles
Brake booster assembly (Skid control
Skid Control (ABS/VSC
Vehicles with hydraulic brake booster
Brake actuator assembly (Skid
control ECU)
Skid Control (ABS/VSC
Vehicles with vacuum brake booster
Spiral cable with sensor
Spiral cable (Steering
Angle Sensor)
Installed on all vehicles
Airbag sensor assembly Airbag Installed on all vehicles
Certification ECU (Smart key ECU
Certification (Smart) Vehicles with smart key system
Air conditioning amplifier assembly Air Conditioning Amplifier Installed on all vehicles
Navigation receiver assembly
Display and Navigation
Vehicles with navigation receiver type
Radio and display receiver assembly
Display and Navigation
Vehicles with radio and display type
Clearance warning ECU assembly
Clearance warning
(Intuitive Parking Assist1)
Vehicles with intuitive parking assist system
Blind spot monitor sensor LH Blind Spot Monitor Master Vehicles with blind spot monitor system
Door control and tire pressure
monitoring system receiver assembly
Tire Pressure2
Vehicles with tire pressure warning system
and tire inflation pressure display function
4 wheel drive control ECU Four Wheel Drive Control Vehicles with 4WD
he ECUs and sensors that are properly connected to the CAN communication system can be displayed
using the Techstream.
(a) Using the Techstream, select CAN Bus Check screen.
It may be possible to select buses that do not have ECUs or sensors from the bus selection pull-down menu.
This is not a malfunction. (This occurs when optional devices are not on a sub bus that is monitored by a
gateway function equipped ECU.)
In the bus selection pull down menu, all buses applicable to the model are displayed (e.g. LIN
communication buses are also displayed). Therefore, refer to the wiring diagrams to check the names of sub
buses for CAN communication .

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