Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 CAN Workshop Manual

Last Modified: 11-13-2015 6.6 J Doc ID: RM000000WIN0ADX
Model Year Start: 2016 Model: Tacoma Prod Date Range: [08/2015 - ]
Title: CAN COMMUNICATION: CAN COMMUNICATION SYSTEM: Check CAN Bus Lines for Short Circuit; 2016 MY
Tacoma [08/2015 - ]
Check CAN Bus Lines for Short Circuit
There may be a short circuit between the V bus main lines and/or CAN branch lines when the resistance between
terminals 6 (CANH) and 14 (CANL) of the DLC3 is below 54 Ω.
Resistance between terminals 6 (CANH) and 14
(CANL) of the DLC3 is below 54 Ω.
Short in CAN main bus lines
Short in CAN branch lines
Main body ECU (Multiplex network body ECU)
Air conditioning amplifier assembly
Airbag sensor assembly
Spiral cable with sensor sub-assembly
Combination meter assembly
Certification ECU (Smart key ECU assembly)*1
4 wheel drive control ECU*2
Navigation receiver assembly*3
Radio and display receiver assembly*4
Network gateway ECU*5
Door control and tire pressure monitoring
system receiver assembly*6
Brake booster assembly (Skid control ECU)*7
Brake actuator assembly (Skid control ECU)*8
No. 1 CAN junction connector
No. 2 CAN junction connector
*1: w/ Smart Key System
*2: for 4WD
*3: for Navigation Receiver Type
*4: for Radio and Display Type
*5: w/ Blind Spot Monitor System or Intuitive Parking Assist System
*6: w/ Tire Pressure Warning System and Tire Inflation Pressure Display Function
*7: for Hydraulic Brake Booster
*8: for Vacuum Brake Booster

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