Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 CAN Workshop Manual

If the ignition switch can be turned to ON (the power source mode can be changed to ON) when the
vehicle is brought in for repair, check for DTCs and check the illumination condition of the indicators in the
combination meter assembly and the basic operation of the vehicle (such as steering operation) promptly.
Do not turn the ignition switch off until the inspection of the vehicle is finished, as some fail-safe functions
are canceled when the ignition switch is turned off.
If the ignition switch cannot be turned to ON (the power source mode cannot be changed to ON) when the
vehicle is brought in, measure the voltage of the battery. If the voltage is below 11 V, recharge or replace
the battery before performing troubleshooting.
If the ignition switch cannot be turned to ON even though the battery voltage is normal, repair this
malfunction before performing troubleshooting .
When troubleshooting, confirm that the problem symptoms have been accurately identified. Preconceptions
should be discarded in order to make an accurate judgment. To clearly understand what the problem
symptoms are, it is extremely important to ask the customer about the problem and the conditions at the
time the malfunction occurred.
Ask the customer if the vehicle is/was equipped with additional devices such as a theft deterrent device or
monitor. (If equipped, explain to the customer that the additional devices will be removed before
performing troubleshooting as the malfunction cannot be checked properly.)
(a) It is useful to confirm the symptoms and the conditions in which the vehicle was operating at the
time when a malfunction occurred. This helps to narrow down the malfunctioning part.
What was affected (system, part or meter warning indicators)
What happened (details of the malfunction)
When (occurrence date and time, frequency and if it recurs or not)
Under what kind of situation did the problem occur (driving and operating condition at the occurrence and
Road type or condition (city, suburb, paved road, unpaved road, highway, etc.)
Return conditions (what made the vehicle return to normal, for example, the ignition switch was turned
Points to be confirmed
lectric power steering
- Normal
- A little heavier than usual
- There was no assist
Air conditioning
- Whether the air conditioning system operated
- Whether the blower fan operated
Multi-information display items

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