Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Brake Workshop Manual

Last Modified: 11-13-2015 6.6 G Doc ID: RM000005VQT000X
Model Year Start: 2016 Model: Tacoma Prod Date Range: [08/2015 - ]
Title: BRAKE: VACUUM PUMP: ON-VEHICLE INSPECTION; 2016 MY Tacoma [08/2015 - ]
(a) Remove the V-bank cover sub-assembly.
(b) Slide the clip and disconnect the union to check valve hose from the vacuum pump assembly.
(c) Connect the hose of the vacuum gauge to the vacuum pump assembly.
(d) Start the engine and warm it up for more than 2 minutes.
(e) With the engine idling, check the negative pressure of the vacuum pump.
Standard pressure:
More than 90.0 kPa (675 mmHg, 26.6 in.Hg)
The vacuum pump assembly is listed as one of the 200000 km (124000 mile) maintenance parts. Make
sure to disassemble and inspect it every 200000 km (124000 miles) and replace parts as necessary.
(f) Remove the vacuum gauge from the vacuum pump assembly.
(g) Connect the union to check valve hose to the vacuum pump assembly and slide the clip to secure it.
(h) Install the V-bank cover sub-assembly.

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