Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Brake Workshop Manual

Last Modified: 11-13-2015 6.6 D Doc ID: RM000005V9R000X
Model Year Start: 2016 Model: Tacoma Prod Date Range: [08/2015 - ]
DESCRIPTION; 2016 MY Tacoma [08/2015 - ]
(a) ABS (Anti-lock Brake System)
(1) The ABS helps prevent the wheels from locking when the brakes are applied firmly or when braking on
a slippery surface.
(b) EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution)
(1) The EBD control utilizes ABS, and performs proper brake force distribution between the front and rear
wheels in accordance with driving conditions. When braking while cornering, it also controls the brake
forces of the right and left wheels, helping to maintain vehicle stability.
(c) BA (Brake Assist)
(1) The primary purpose of the brake assist system is to provide auxiliary brake force to assist the driver if
the driver cannot generate a large enough brake force during emergency braking, thus helping to
maximize the brake performance of the vehicle.
(d) TRAC (Traction Control)
(1) The TRAC system helps prevent the drive wheels from slipping when the driver depresses the
accelerator pedal excessively when starting off or accelerating on a slippery surface.
(e) VSC (Vehicle Stability Control)
(1) The VSC system helps prevent the vehicle from slipping sideways as a result of strong front or rear
wheel skid during cornering.
(f) AUTO-LSD (Auto Limited Slip Differential)
When the vehicle is in H2 (2WD) mode, the AUTO LSD will operate with the VSC OFF switch on (TRAC OFF
mode (AUTO LSD control)) and the accelerator pedal depressed.
the AUTO LSD will operate with the VSC OFF switch on (TRAC OFF mode (AUTO LSD control)) and the
accelerator pedal depressed. The AUTO LSD system is used to apply brake pressure and limit differential
slippage, thus transmitting drive torque to the other drive wheel to ensure traction when starting under the
following conditions:
One of the drive wheels spins, for example, when one drive wheel is driven off of the pavement.
One of the drive wheels slips on snow/ice when starting on a slope.
The AUTO LSD system operates when H2 (2WD) mode is selected.
(g) Hill-start Assist Control
(1) When starting uphill, this control maintains the brake hydraulic pressure to the 4 wheels, in order to
momentarily help to prevent the vehicle from descending backward.
(h) Trailer Sway Control
(1) If the vehicle is towing a trailer with an inappropriate hitch load, trailer sway could be caused by
crosswinds, imbalance caused by the load, or the driver's steering. Trailer sway control reduces trailer
sway by controlling the engine output and the braking of each wheel.

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