Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Brake Workshop Manual

If the TRAC OFF and VSC OFF indicator lights do not come on in step "H", repeat steps "A" to "H".
Turning the ignition switch off ends Inspection Mode.
(a) The CAN communication system is used for data communication among the skid control ECU (brake
actuator assembly), 4 wheel drive control ECU*, the steering angle sensor (spiral cable with sensor
sub-assembly), the yaw rate and acceleration sensor (airbag sensor assembly) and other ECUs. If there is
trouble in the CAN communication line, corresponding communication line DTCs are output.
*: for 4WD or w/ Rear Differential Lock
(b) If any CAN communication line DTC is output, repair the malfunction in the communication line and
troubleshoot the VSC system after data communication becomes normal.
(c) In order to enable CAN communication, a specific type of wiring is used for the CAN communication lines.
The wiring used for each communication line is a twisted pair of wires of equal length. A bypass wire
should not be used because the data being transmitted will be corrupted.

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