Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Brake Workshop Manual

C1417 High Power Supply Voltage Malfunction
C1419 Acceleration Sensor Internal Circuit
C1421 Open or Short in Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor
C1422 Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor Zero Point High Malfunction
C1423 Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor Zero Point Low Malfunction
C1424 Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor Output Malfunction
C1425 Open in Stop Light Switch Circuit
C1426 Stop Light Switch OFF Stuck Malfunction
C1427 Motor Malfunction
C1428 Motor Circuit Malfunction
C142A Master Cylinder Pressure Sensor Internal Malfunction
C142B Motor Power Supply Voltage Circuit
C1432 Steering Angle Sensor Power Source Voltage Malfunction
C1433 Steering Angle Sensor Internal Circuit
C1434 Steering Angle Sensor Output Malfunction
C1435 Yaw Rate Sensor Internal Circuit
C1436 Yaw Rate Sensor Malfunction
C1437 Lost Communication with ECM
C1439 Steering Angle Sensor Initialization Incomplete
C1440 Unusual Bank Angle Detected
C1442 Invalid Data Received from Acceleration Sensor
C1443 Invalid Data Received from Yaw Rate Sensor
C1445 Vehicle Driven with Steering Angle Sensor not Initialized
C1449 Master Cylinder Output Value Malfunction
C1468 SFR Solenoid Circuit
C1469 SFL Solenoid Circuit
C146A SRR Solenoid Circuit
C146B SRL Solenoid Circuit
C146C Open in ABS Motor Relay Circuit
C146D Short in ABS Motor Relay Circuit
C146E Open in ABS Solenoid Relay Circuit
C146F Short in ABS Solenoid Relay Circuit
U0073 Control Module Communication Bus OFF
U0100 Lost Communication with ECM

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