Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Brake Workshop Manual

SST: 09843-18040
(b) Turn the ignition switch to ON.
(c) Read the number of blinks of the ABS warning light.
When the system is operating correctly, each light will blink continuously in a pattern of 0.25 seconds on,
then 0.25 seconds off.
When one DTC is output, each light will output the same code at 4 second intervals. (For example, Code 21
would be output as 2 flashes, a 1.5 second pause, and then 1 flash)
When 2 or more DTCs are output, each light will output a different code at 2.5 second intervals, and when
all codes have been output, there will be a 4 second pause and the sequence will repeat.
When multiple codes are set, they are output in order starting with the lowest DTC number.
(d) After the check, disconnect the SST from terminals TC and CG of the DLC3.
(e) Turn the ignition switch to off.
10. MTS SET SWITCH SIGNAL CHECK (for Automatic transmission)
(a) Turn the 4 wheel drive control switch to the L position to put the vehicle in L4 mode.
(b) Press the MTS SET switch.
(c) Check that the MTS SET indicator light comes on.
(d) Press the MTS SET switch again to turn the MTS SET indicator light off.
Move the vehicle either a little forward or a little backward to engage the L4 position.
11. CRAWL SWITCH CHECK (for Automatic transmission)
(a) Push the ON/OFF switch.
he CRAWL indicator light illuminates while the ON/OFF switch is
Text in Illustration
*a Drive Monitor Switch
*b ON/OFF Switch
*c Speed Selector Switch
(b) Turn the speed selector switch to low.
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*a Low
*b Medium-low
*c Medium
*d Medium-high
*e High

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