Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Brake Workshop Manual

following conditions:
One of the drive wheels spins, for example, when one drive wheel is driven off of the pavement.
One of the drive wheels slips on snow/ice when starting on a slope.
The AUTO LSD system operates when H2 (2WD) mode is selected.
(h) Hill-start Assist Control
When the vehicle starts off on a steep hill, hill-start assist control detects the backward descent of the
vehicle and effects 4-wheel hydraulic pressure control to reduce the speed of the vehicle.
For a Maximum of 5 seconds after the control starts, fluid pressure is gradually released and the control is
epressing the brake pedal cancels control of the hill-start assist control system.
Does not operate when the shift lever in P or N, or when the vehicle is running/rolling back up a slope with
the shift lever in R.
(i) Crawl (Crawl Control)
Crawl control is a system that provides assistance when driving on bumpy off-road surfaces, slippery road
surfaces, etc. When crawl control is operating, the engine output and braking force are controlled
automatically to enable driving while maintaining a constant speed. As a result, the driver can concentrate
on steering the vehicle without having to operate the accelerator and brake pedals very much.
(j) Multi-terrain Select Control
When multi-terrain select control is active, A-TRAC brake control and engine output control most
appropriate for the selected road mode are performed automatically. In this way, superior off-road
driveability is achieved.
(k) Trailer Sway Control
If the vehicle is towing a trailer with an inappropriate hitch load, trailer sway could be caused by
crosswinds, imbalance caused by the load, or the driver's steering. Trailer sway control reduces trailer sway
by controlling the engine output and the braking of each wheel.
Speed sensor Detects wheel speed of each wheel.
Hydraulic brake booster
Upon receiving brake control signal from skid control ECU (master cylinder
solenoid), controls hydraulic circuit and sends hydraulic pressure to each wheel.
Skid control ECU (master cylinder solenoid) removable.
Skid control ECU
(Master cylinder solenoid)
Detects vehicle condition based on signals from sensors and sends brake control
signal to hydraulic brake booster.
Motor relay Supplies power source to pump motor.
Solenoid relay Supplies power source to each solenoid.
ABS warning light
Illuminates to inform driver that skid control ECU (master cylinder solenoid) has
detected ABS system malfunction and terminated ABS system operation.
BRAKE warning light
Illuminates to inform driver that skid control (master cylinder solenoid) ECU has
detected EBD system malfunction.

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