Toyota Tacoma 2015-2018 Brake Workshop Manual

(c) Remove the 2 nuts, and then pull the brake master cylinder
sub-assembly out of the brake booster.
(d) Remove the O-ring from the brake master cylinder sub-assembly.
The master cylinder requires careful handling. Do not allow the master cylinder to receive any impact, such
as from being dropped. Do not reuse a master cylinder that has been dropped.
Do not strike or pinch the master cylinder piston, and do not cause any damage to the master cylinder
piston by any other means.
Release the vacuum from booster by depressing the brake pedal several times.
Then remove the brake master cylinder from brake booster.
When installing the brake master cylinder sub-assembly onto the brake booster, or when removing the
brake master cylinder sub-assembly from the brake booster, make sure that the brake master cylinder
sub-assembly is kept horizontal or its tip faces downward (the piston faces upward) to prevent the master
cylinder piston from falling off.
Do not allow any foreign objects to contaminate the master cylinder piston. If a foreign object gets on the
piston, remove it by using a piece of cloth and then apply an even layer of lithium soap based glycol grease
around the circumference (sliding part) of the piston.
Do not use any other type of grease or fluid.

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