HYDRA-MATIC 6L80 (6 Speed)

301 Bolt, M5 X 36mm.
302 Bolt, M6 X 20mm.
303 Input and Output Speed Sensor Assembly.
304 Upper Valve Body Assembly.
305 Valve Body Spacer Plate Assembly (With Gasket).
306 Valve Body Check Balls (7 Required).
307 Lower Valve Body Assembly.
308 Internal Mode Switch Assembly.
309 Bolt, M5 X 45mm.
310 Bolt, M5 X 55mm.
311 Filter Plate Assembly.
312 Bolt, M5 X 53mm.
314 Control Solenoid Body And TCM Assembly.
315 Internal Mode Switch Wire Harness Clip.
316 Speed Sensor Wire Harness Clip (2 Required).
solenoid body and valve body assembly exploded view
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Figure 135

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