FORD 5R110W TorqShift

Any time the battery is disconnected for any reason, a
new PCM has been installed, or the calibration has
been reflashed, the adaptive strategy for the
"Engagement Schedule" must be updated.
This procedure will prevent the customer from
returning with firm or harsh engagement
Procedure is as follows:
Note: All of the following engagements must be
performed, in order for engagement pressures to
correctly adapt with the new calibration.
1. Install diagnostic equipment and monitor TFT.
2. Warm the transmission fluid to 54°C (130°F) as
indicated by the TFT.
3. Perform 5 engagements from Park to Reverse.
Each engagement must be five seconds apart.
4. Perform 5 engagements from Drive to Reverse.
Each engagement must be five seconds apart.
5. Perform 5 engagements from Reverse to Drive.
Each engagement must be five seconds apart.
6. Perform 5 engagements from Neutral to Drive.
Each engagement must be five seconds apart.
The Tow/Haul feature was designed to assist the
driver when towing a trailer or a heavy load. All
transmission gear ranges, including all five forward
gears, are available when using the Tow/Haul feature.
The Tow/Haul Switch is located on the end of the
manual shift lever, (See Figure 4) and is a momentary
contact switch. The Tow/Haul Switch provides a
signal to the PCM when pressed by the operator,
resulting in a change in shift and TCC scheduling.
When the Tow/Haul Switch has been turned on, the
indicator lamp that is located at the end of the manual
shift lever will illuminate "Tow/Haul - ON". When
Tow/Haul is activated, upshifts will now occur at a
higher vehicle speed, and when decelerating, the
downshifts will also occur at a higher vehicle speed,
providing some added engine braking. When the
switch is pressed again, Tow/Haul will be cancelled
and the Transmission Control Indicator Lamp (TCIL)
will turn off. The PCM controls the operation of the
TCIL. The PCM may also flash the TCIL on and off,
to alert the driver that a transmission operational error
has occured, when certain faults in monitored sensors,
solenoids or other transmission components are
Tow/Haul Feature
Figure 4
Battery Disconnect, Dead Battery
Cold Mode Operation
The "TorqShift" (5R110W) is a 5 speed, rear wheel
drive unit that actually has six forward speeds
available, depending on hot or cold mode operation.
The gear ratio for 1st gear was lowered from 2.71 to
3.09. For 2nd gear the overdrive clutch is applied to
provide a ratio of 2.20. 3rd gear provides a ratio of
1.54, which is the same ratio as the previous second
gear. All sound familiar? When in cold mode
operation, below -15°C (5°F), determined by the TFT
sensor, the overdrive clutch is engaged in 3rd gear to
provide a ratio of 1.09 for 4th gear, and the
transmission will shift directly into 6th gear
(overdrive), which is a ratio of 0.71. In cold mode the
transmission shifts 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 4th
gear, 6th gear. When in hot mode the transmission
will shift 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, 5th gear (ratio
1.00), 6th gear. Either way it is still a five speed unit
with six forward gear ratios available, depending on
cold mode or hot mode of operation.
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